Interac Bingo & Casino Sites

Interac Online is a payment method that has been rapidly growing in popularity in the iGaming industry. This is especially true amongst Canadian players. While not limited to the world on online casinos (Interac is offered by hundreds of merchants across multiple industries) the method has benefits that appeal specifically to iGaming players. Working alongside … Read more

Apple Pay Bingo & Casino Sites

List of Apple Pay bingo sites and Apple Pay casino sites.  ApplePay is a contactless payment method similar to using your debit card, except you can use a mobile device. Cards are stored in the wallet on your iPhone or iPad meaning that if you are out and about and forgotten your physical wallet you … Read more


EPS is an Austrian electronic payment service which enables its users to make online payments without the need to disclose their personal financial information during the transaction. The full name of the service is eps-Überweisung. Not only can Austrian consumers make online payments using eps, but it is also used by the Austrian Government as … Read more

Bancontact / Mister Cash

Bancontact is a Belgian financial services company whose payment service is becoming more widely available on many casinos popular with United Kingdom based players. It is perhaps more widely known as “Mister Cash”, but this branding was discontinued in 2016, with the name and logo of the company and service now referring only to Bancontact. … Read more


Zimpler is a Swedish mobile payment service which is really taking off over here in the United Kingdom. It is a really simple idea – hence the name. It is already available as a method of payment on many of the most popular UK compatible casinos, with more and more accepting Zimpler as a payment … Read more

Альфа-Клик (Alfa Click)

Alfa Click is an internet banking service provided by Alpha Bank, one of the biggest banks in the south east European country of Romania. Alpha bank has only been in existence for around twenty years, but in this formerly communist ruled country, that counts as a relatively long time. Indeed, Alpha Bank was part of … Read more

СВЯЗНОЙ (Svyaznoy)

This is a new banking service which serves the people of the Russian Federation. It is extremely unlikely that any United Kingdom based people would have any need of the services of this bank – even if you are from Russia.

Промсвязьбанк (Promsvyazbank)

Promsvyazbank is a privately owned bank serving the Russian federation. The company’s headquarters are based in Moscow. It was first established in 1995 and remains majority controlled by Russian oligarchs. Other financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Commerzbank have taken significant minority stakes in the business. In the last … Read more

EBPOCETb (Euroset)

In most places in the world, the story of a mobile phone retailer which turned itself into a bank would be a unique and notable feat. But not in Russia. Euroset is not the only example of this occurring here, merely one of the more recent. This chain of stores is diversifying into providing more … Read more


Yandex Money is Russia’s largest electronic payment service. Like many similar services in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, it works with both private customers and retailers to create a convenient, secure and easily accessible service.


Comepay is an electronic payment method based in Russia. It is compatible with both desktop computers and mobiles. It is a relatively new service, but is already earning a reputation for efficiency and reliability. It is becoming increasingly popular throughout the Russian Federation, with around 1.5 million customers using the service at the time of … Read more


Cubits is a platform for buying, exchanging, storing and accepting bitcoin. The company was founded in 2014, with the service launched earl the following year, in 2015.


This is a safe online payment service which was launched barely a decade ago, in 2007. It originated in the South American country of Chile, as a solution to the need to buy goods online from traders based in the United States. American merchants frequently did not accept overseas credit or debit payments. SafetyPay enabled … Read more

Paytrail (Suomen Verkkomaksut)

Paytrail is an online payments company which was founded in Finland in 2007. It remains headquartered in Jyväskylä, a city of around 150,000 people in central Finland, approximately 300 miles north of Helsinki.

This may not be a well-known or well used payment system for most British or European customers, but if you live in Bulgaria, it’s pretty crucial. The electronic payments company was founded in the year 2000, where it remains a fundamental role in the Bulgarian economy, enabling customers to make online payments for goods and … Read more

Euro 6000

This name may not be immediately recognisable to residents of the United Kingdom. While it would be easy to imagine that it is a futuristic football competition, it is in fact a financial services network which is vital to the Spanish economy.


Sistema 4B is a Spanish payment and cash dispensing system which is operated by a set of Spanish banks and other financial service organisations. It was first formed back in 1974 as a co-operative venture between some of Spain’s biggest banks: Banco Central, Hispano Americano, Banco Español de Crédito and Santander. Further Spanish and European … Read more


The Dankort is the national debit card of Denmark. The very first version of this flexible payment card was issued back in 1983, before being reissued in its current form in 2001. It is by far the most popular payment card amongst Danes, with almost 4 million possessing a Dankort out of a total population … Read more

Diners Club International

This may not be the most widely used method of paying with your plastic card, but it was the first. The company was originally founded in the United States way back in 1950, where it became the very first ever way of paying for goods and services without the use of cash or a personal … Read more


CartaSi is the biggest credit and debit card issuer for the Italian financial market. Its plastic cards and point of sale (POS) electronic terminals are also responsible for much of the Italian economy’s retail sales. It also operates much of the Italian cash machine network, and handles a large proportion of Italian consumers’ online payments. … Read more


Postepay is a pre-paid card used exclusively in the Italian market. The service was first introduced in 2003 by the Italian post office as a re-chargeable card for people to use as an alternative to cash, and as a convenient way to make payments online.


TrustPay is a European payment service which provides services to real world and online merchants and traders. Its service enables these businesses to accept payments from their customers’ Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards. It is used throughout continental Europe, especially in central and eastern European countries. It was founded in 2009 and has … Read more

Ticket Premium

Ticket Premium is a pre-payment method which can be used to make deposits at many online casino sites. It is based in France, where it is very popular, but it can also be purchased by customers in many other countries, including Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Once bought, it can be used at any … Read more


QIWI is an e-wallet system, provided by a Russian payment service provider, headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus. The parent company operates many online payment systems, in regular use in many eastern European countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. They also operate in the United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


This is an online payment service which enables customers to pay for goods and services online using their own bank account or debit card, but without the need to disclose any personal banking information to the trader or merchant. The service is provided by a company which is based in Finland. This company was founded … Read more


Sofort Banking is a popular and well-known German instant payment service. It was established in 2005 and has grown to be one of the market leaders both in Germany and around Europe. Before 2012 it was known as Payment Network but a rebrand changed all that and now we all know it as Sofort AG. … Read more


GiroPay is German online banking system which has been providing Europe-wide services since 2006. It was setup by German savings bank Postbank in partnership with other credit unions. The service provides a similar experience to many different online banking service providers and it provides its service to over 17 million customers.


Formerly known as InstantBank, Trustly is a Swedish online banking system which has been providing its services to online businesses, since 2008. It is licensed by the Swedish Financial Services Authority for all its financial operations and provides secure and speedy payments for online gamblers and many others.


DotPay is a Polish online payment company which has expanded its reach around the world. The company was founded in 2001 and began life as AllPay, but since 2008, it has been DotPay and it is a recognised payment method at many online bingo and casino sites. It has been a market leader in the … Read more


OchaPay is a highly secure and reliable payment service which has become popular with online bingo and casino players. It can be used to make secure and anonymous payments into any online gambling account and it is also used for other methods such as social media payments and purchasing online films, music and more.

Boku Bingo & Casino Sites

There are many comparison sites specialising in bingo sites that accept Boku only.  However, when you register and go to deposit it’s often found that they don’t accept Boku at all!  The list below has been painstakingly tested to make sure they do accept the payment method. If you find a site that doesn’t accept … Read more

American Express

American Express is a major American multi-national financial services company, best known for its credit card, charge card and travellers’ cheque services. It was founded in 1850 and originally operated as a mail service. Diversification into financial services began in the late 19th Century, as the company launched its money order service as an enhancement … Read more


Nordea is a Scandinavian based bank, with its headquarters based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its major operations are centred on northern Europe. The vast majority of its business is carried out in the four Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, but it also has a presence in the Baltic countries Latvia, Lithuania and, and … Read more

Quick Pay

Quick Pay is a software package which enables traders, retailers and online merchants to accept customers’ payments quickly, easily and securely. It is an all-purpose, bespoke package which can just be uploaded onto a website, removing the need for web designers to write individual software for every new site. It is simple to install, and … Read more


See under UseMyBank – now UseMyFunds link.


Eazipay is a clever, convenient, simple and inexpensive way for small and medium sized businesses to ensure reliable payments are received from its customers. Getting paid for goods and services delivered by small businesses is a consistent problem, which can cause severe cash flow problems and even affect the viability of a business. Late (or … Read more


POLi is an Australian online payment company, based in Melbourne. It provides an e-payment system that is mostly used by customers in Australia and New Zealand to pay for goods and services online without the use of a credit or debit card. So far, so conventional, but the great advantage of this service to its … Read more

ewallet Xpress

eWalletXpress was a very popular online wallet service which North American customers used to fund their use of online bingo and casino sites in the United States. The concise story of the events which led to its demise has yet to be written, but suffice it to say that the company fell foul of the … Read more


iDeal is an online payments system which enables customers to pay for goods and services online. It is by far the most popular payment method for online purchases in the Netherlands, where the service was introduced in 2005. Payment is completed via direct online transfer of funds from the customer’s own bank account. By 2014, … Read more


JCB is a Japanese credit card company, operating Japan’s only internationally issued credit card brand. At the time of writing (2016), the card was being issued in around 20 different countries across the world, with around 90 million unique card holders, with around 20 million of these issued and in use in overseas countries outside … Read more

Western Union

Western Union is an American financial services and communications company which provides its customers with a means of transferring money electronically, including online. Many online bingo sites accept Western Union as a means of payment for United Kingdom based players. It’s easy to sign up, then all you need to do is deposit some money … Read more


MoneyTT is a financial service originally established in the early 1990s to enable the Chinese community based in the United Kingdom to transfer funds to their families who remain at home in mainland China. It has since expanded, and provides services far in excess of its original limited remit. MoneyTT is fully approved by the … Read more


The Laser card was a debit card brand which was in use until recently in the Republic of Ireland. All the major Irish financial institutions and banks recognised or issued these cards, and they were the standard form of debit card to be issued in Ireland at the turn of the century. In many ways, … Read more


Instadebit is a Canadian e-payment facility which enables Canadian bank account holders to make online payments quickly and easily at low cost. It is supported by all the major banks and financial institutions in Canada. It works by transferring funds directly from the customer’s bank account to the account of the merchant the customer is … Read more

Fast Bank Transfer

A fast bank transfer is a way of paying for goods and services by making a direct transfer of funds from the bank account of the buyer directly into the bank account of the vendor. This can only be done if both accounts are held in within the same country. If this is not the … Read more


The cheque is a paper based method of transferring money. It instructs a bank to pay a specified amount of money from the cheque writer’s personal bank account (the “drawer”) into the account of the recipient, in whose name the cheque has been written (the “payee”). The cheque must be signed, as a means of … Read more


Asia365 is a payment service used by customers in Asia to make deposits and purchases online. Since gambling online is discouraged by many Asian governments, and banking restrictions commonly inhibit the making of payments to online bingo and casino sites, Asia365 can act as a “half way house”, enabling customers to open an account at … Read more


Firepay was a method of making online payments. It was formed and headquartered in the United Kingdom and was intended as a British attempt to rival the American giant online payment system PayPal. However, it was dwarfed by its rival across the Atlantic, which had the advantage of being first to market, and the captive … Read more

My Citadel

My Citadel was an e-wallet service, which enabled purchases to be made online. Funds were deposited into the virtual wallet and this was used to pay for goods and services supplied by online merchants. The service was operated by Citadel Commerce, a Canadian based financial services company, headquartered in Vancouver. The company was and still … Read more

UseMyBank – now UseMyFunds

This Canadian based service has undergone several name changes and re-promotions over recent years. It currently seems to have settled on UseMyFunds, which is operated by the umbrella company UseMyServices. So basically, if you see the prefix UseMy… it’s likely to be the same organisation.

Visa Delta

Visa Delta is a kind of debit card. Debit cards are linked to a specific bank account, and are used to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash using the account holder’s own funds. They are therefore to be seen as completely different to credit cards, where you are actually borrowing the money you … Read more

Visa Electron

Visa Electron is a type of debit card which does not allow the user to become overdrawn. The card was introduced by Visa in 1985 and is a sister card to the Visa Debit card. The difference between Visa Electron and other debit cards such as Visa Debit or Visa Delta is that payments with … Read more

Visa Credit (Not Available In The UK)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Credit Cards can no longer be used to play bingo or any other form of gambling in the UK from April 14th 2020. Visa were one of the first forms of credit cards, they will be quick to point out, arriving around four years before their “flexible friend” and rival, in 1968. Launched … Read more


Ukash was an electronic pre-payment system, which enables users to exchange cash for a secure and unique 19 digit code number. They could then use this to make payments for goods and services online. Simply by entering their exclusive number, online traders accepting this method of payment would receive funds without the need for any … Read more

Switch / Maestro

Switch and Maestro are both kinds of debit card, whose individual histories have become intertwined in recent years. Switch was the brand name of a type of debit card used by banks in the United Kingdom. With its distinctive green background and black and white semi circles, it adorned the plastic of many a UK … Read more


The Solo card was a debit card operated by the same banks that distributed the Switch card. Both brands have now been withdrawn, and there are unlikely to be any remaining in circulation. Switch cards were introduced in the United Kingdom as a rival to the Visa brand, but it was a badge that was … Read more


Paysafecard is a simple and convenient way to pay for your online bingo. In fact, you don’t even need a bank account or credit card to make online payments with this great method. It is the most favoured way to make online payments for those without conventional banking arrangements. It is also a practical option … Read more

PayPal Bingo & Casino Sites

Gathered here is a full list of PayPal bingo sites mixed in with some PayPal casino sites. When it comes to online bingo, many sites accept PayPal, and indeed many players look for this as an option before signing up. It is quick, easy and secure. PayPal is a great way to pay for goods … Read more

Neteller Casinos & Bingo Sites

Neteller is a British based e-payment / e-wallet system, used to transfer money online. We have gathered a list of Neteller bingo sites and casinos. Some offering special bonuses just for depositing with Neteller.  Neteller can be used to pay for goods and services online, and to receive payment for those goods and services. It … Read more


Skrill is an electronic payment method which enables transactions to take place online. Founded in 2001, it has been providing this quick, convenient and inexpensive service ever since. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account, and once done you are effectively creating a virtual e-wallet in order to use it to … Read more


MasterCard is one of the two most popular methods that online bingo players use to fund their favourite game. The rivalry with the other top payment method, its competitor Visa, has continued unabated since the 1970s. Both are American based financial multinational companies, but from the UK viewpoint, it all began in 1968 with the … Read more


EntroPay is a virtual pre-paid Visa card which enables people to make payments over the telephone and online. EntroPay is owned and operated by Ixaris Systems Ltd, which has its registered address in London and is fully regulated by the UK Government’s Financial Services Authority (FSA). Ixaris was formed in the year 2000, and introduced … Read more

Eco Card

Eco Card is a pre-payment card which can be used to make purchases online and in real world stores. It can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted which, let’s face it, is just about everywhere. It is operated by EcoPayz, a United Kingdom based financial services company, headquartered in Horsham, West Sussex. EcoCard was originally … Read more

Diners Club

Diners Club is a charge card which you can use to pay for goods and services in real world stores and online. A charge card is like a credit card in that when you use it to make a payment, you are effectively borrowing the money. However, unlike with a credit card, whereby you are … Read more


Click2Pay was a Germany based online payment system owned and operated by Wire Card. The company was founded in 2003, with its head office now based in Berlin. The system was effectively an e-wallet, with account holders funding their e-wallet via their usual bank current account or credit card account. This information was checked by … Read more

Click and Buy

Click and Buy was a method enabling people to pay for goods and services online. It was in effect an e-wallet. People who signed up to this system were required to give their banking details to this London based financial organisation in order to make deposits into their own unique account. When they then wished … Read more

Bank Transfer

A bank transfer is a means of transferring money electronically, directly from one bank account to another. It can be used to transfer funds from one person to another, or between a customer to a business as payment for goods or services. It is also frequently referred to as a “wire” transfer, because when the … Read more