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Asia365 is a payment service used by customers in Asia to make deposits and purchases online. Since gambling online is discouraged by many Asian governments, and banking restrictions commonly inhibit the making of payments to online bingo and casino sites, Asia365 can act as a “half way house”, enabling customers to open an account at Asia365 and make deposits there. They can then use these to make payments to their online bingo site of choice.
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The process is quick and easy to set up. Customers are required to register with Asia365, at which point a new personal account is created. Once a username and password have been created, the account can be readily topped up with funds transferred directly from the customer’s personal bank account, and it is these funds which can then be used to make deposits to online bingo and casino companies. The service is particularly popular with Chinese customers, as it is compatible with most Chinese banking and financial institutions. Many different Asian currencies are accepted, which can then be transferred into other accounts in order to make deposits and payments online. Withdrawals can be made into the same account, with the whole process being smooth and secure. Actual transfer of funds is not instantaneous, and will usually take around three days to complete. Charges are usually made for the service, for both payments and withdrawals. This can be a flat rate fee, but can also be a variable commission rate. This rate is sometimes lower for large deposits.

Once at their chosen site, customers need to click or tap on the “Asia365” icon. Further payment instructions are then given and the whole process is completed in just a few seconds, once the system is set up. Although the actual transfer of funds can take a few days, the security and confidentiality of the service makes it attractive to many players, as there is no need to register personal financial information with the receiving site, as would be necessary if using a standard credit or debit card, for example. Asia365 does not forward its customers’ personal banking information onto third parties, merchants receive only the payment and the customer’s e-mail address In this way, the service is discreet and secure, in that personal banking details cannot therefore be intercepted and spoofed, nor can any financial data be compromised.

In addition, using this service means that as the customer is using his or her own funds to make payments, interest payments (which are usually incurred by the use of credit cards for example) are avoided. It can therefore be a very cost-effective means of transferring funds online.

Some of the larger online bookmaking operations accept Asia365 as a method of payment, so it will be available at their bingo portals too. For this reason, it can be a good way for Asian account holders living in the United Kingdom to make payments when playing their favourite game. And of course for up to date information on all the best places to play, just remember to check out our superb site review service here at Busy Bee.

By Kevin Adair

Kevin Adair

I am a UK based writer with a decade of gambling content related writing experience. Accuracy and careful research is assured on all content.