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GameSTACK IGS is the brand of white label software designed by Game Account Network (GAN) for use by casino operators when launching a new casino. This platform is more commonly seen in casinos designed for the continental European and North American markets. It is used by a few casinos compatible with the United Kingdom market, such as Winstar.

This software is of more interest to casino operators than players. Suffice it to say that it works well and players are unlikely to notice any untoward glitches or problems when using a site using the GameStack IGS platform.

It is designed to cover all the functions required to run a successful online casino. These include the site software framework, games (via third party agreements with gaming software suppliers), plus player deposit payments, withdrawals and other banking functions such as fraud prevention and security.

The software can also provide the casino operator with a full suite of analytical services which enables site operators to provide the very best games for each particular casino’s target market, and enable targeted marketing campaigns to be run.

The GameSTACK IGS platform is compatible with play on all kinds of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs and Macs.

By Kevin Adair

Kevin Adair

I am a UK based writer with a decade of gambling content related writing experience. Accuracy and careful research is assured on all content.