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Euro 6000

This name may not be immediately recognisable to residents of the United Kingdom. While it would be easy to imagine that it is a futuristic football competition, it is in fact a financial services network which is vital to the Spanish economy.
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The original service was founded in 1975, when it was launched as Red 6000. It was re-branded in the year 2000 as Euro 6000, and has subsequently grown to become a major banking and payment service, used throughout the whole of Spain. At the time of writing, it is responsible for the running of around 20,000 ATMs throughout the country, and handles retail payments for around 200,000 merchants and stores.

It is in effect an umbrella organisation responsible for promoting the services of its member organisations – banks and other financial institutions which wish to offer financial services and join the Euro 6000 network. It is these financial services and banking partners who issue credit, debit and pre-payment cards through both Visa and MasterCard franchises. This enables Spanish citizens to buy goods and services within Spain and throughout the world, in both real world stores and online.

Customers can also use their cards to withdraw cash from any of the service’s ATMs. Card users may also be eligible for discounts and other benefits from participating retailers or traders who participate in the company’s Privileges Program.

By Kevin Adair

Kevin Adair

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