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Bingo Entertainment Network

Bingo Entertainment is a long established network, which has been around since the turn of the Century. When you’ve been around as long as I have, that seems like yesterday, but in the world of online bingo, that’s positively antique! Despite its vintage history, it’s still quite a small network. Currently, it consists of around half a dozen sites, including such well-known names as Gina, Ritzy and Bingo Mega. Also, each member site has a different design. This is in welcome contrast to some of its competitor networks, which often use an identical template, then just change the name and colour scheme.

As networks go, this lot are recognised as professional and reliable operators, as you may expect from their long tradition as online bingo providers. Small enough to be homely, they’re big enough to offer worthwhile prizes and a bustling, lively atmosphere. In this way, they can be seen as a welcome compromise between the ginormous behemoths of the mega networks and those quirky little sites that struggle to find enough players, particularly at off-peak times.

But there are a couple of further interesting features of this network. Firstly, they are the only major network to have all its sites licensed and registered “onshore” within the UK, and not overseas in “offshore” havens like Gibraltar, Malta or the Channel Isles. So you may draw the conclusion that if you fail to win big on one of Bingo Entertainment’s member sites, at least some of your hard earned spending is going back to help reduce your tax bill, rather than all ending up in some fat cat tycoon’s back pocket. Here at Keep Calm, of course, we could not possibly comment.

But the BIG difference is that, at the time of writing there are NO wagering requirements on this network. Yes, you heard that right. In a radical development, Bingo Entertainment’s member sites are offering introductory bonus cash where you do NOT have to spend the best part of a week’s wages (or a month’s pension in my case) before you can withdraw any winnings. Splendid or what? Now when I say NO wagering requirements, there are some sub clauses, which would apply in some very unusual circumstances, but basically, for the typical player these would not apply. In any case, in another departure from the industry standard, Bingo Entertainment’s wagering requirements are not just hidden away in the small print of the “Terms & Conditions” page, where you need a magnifying glass and a few hours to spare before you can find them. They also have a direct link from the sites’ home page (Bonus Terms link, just below the site links at the bottom of the screen).

So overall, Bingo Entertainment Network has a lot to offer, even if their generous wagering requirements are not enough on their own to entice you. It’s a long established and reliable organisation, with each member site having its own look and feel – a refreshing change from some of its competitor networks’ “identikit” designs. And as everyone surely knows…
Variety is the spice of life!

By Matthew

I have been involved in the Bingo and Casino industry since 2007. I created many of the first Bingo & Casino Portals that had extensive information including software platform, payment options included about each site. I own / have owned my own bingo and casino skins. My websites have been included in the EGR Magazine and I have been nominated for iGB Affiliate awards. Because of this I have a lot of industry knowledge and aim to provide bingo and casino players honest information.