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TGN (The Gaming Network)

The Gaming Network has always been a small network, with something of its own little niche. If anything, it seems to be getting even smaller! Working out precisely what is going on takes a fair bit of detective work, but here goes. TGN was originally a network of around half a dozen or so sites, powered and operated by Parlay Entertainment. Their sites were (and mostly still are) registered and licenced via the UK channel island of Alderney, covered by the UK Gambling Commission, This means that they are all considered safe to play in the United Kingdom. This is where things start to change. Bingo Mania and Eyes Down Bingo have been “merged” (that means closed to you and me) and are now with Bingonanza. Astro Bingo also remains. Meanwhile, Bingo Boogie, while still being listed by TGN as belonging to them, is now powered by Cozy Games.

So it appears that TGN now consists in reality of just Astro Bingo and Bingonanza! Well, I know it was always small, but does a pair count as a network? Anyway, the remaining twosome offer 90, 80, 75 and 50 ball bingo on what are now quite dated and basic looking sites. They retain plenty of players though. They were certainly lively enough on our off peak visit on a Thursday lunch time. The bingo provided is fine – the prizes and jackpots are good and everything runs perfectly well. There are plenty of alternative instant gaming options to choose from, with slot, scratch card and casino style choices all provided. Payment facilities are fine, with all the usual credit and debit options available. A couple of e-payment choices are provided too. The wagering requirements are unusual and a little complicated. You must have wagered a minimum of £100, and then you have to retain sufficient real cash on deposit to cover any remaining bonus. So, for example, if you have £150 cash in your account and £50 in Bonus Pounds, you can request a withdrawal of £100 and leave £50 in cash in your account to cover your Bonus Pounds. TGN say this enables players to protect their Bonus Pounds “by leaving the equivalent in cash to cover them”. There is also a minimum withdrawal amount of £50.

TGN was never a particularly large, ground breaking or innovative network and not much has changed (apart from becoming even smaller). With a reputation for being uninspiring, quiet and old fashioned, there seems to have been little in the way of development in recent times. Not a network to avoid as such: the bingo provided is fine and enough players remain to keep things lively. However, the wagering requirements are a bit strange and unconventional, with a £50 minimum withdrawal amount a bit on the steep side. Overall, there are more exciting options available. If Bingo Boogie really is still part of The Gaming Network, that would be the one we’d recommend.

By Matthew

I have been involved in the Bingo and Casino industry since 2007. I created many of the first Bingo & Casino Portals that had extensive information including software platform, payment options included about each site. I own / have owned my own bingo and casino skins. My websites have been included in the EGR Magazine and I have been nominated for iGB Affiliate awards. Because of this I have a lot of industry knowledge and aim to provide bingo and casino players honest information.