Dragonfish is a very successful software provider to online bingo sites, probably the largest in the business. It is wholly owned by 888 Holdings, who also own 888.com. It provides the platforms that are used by over sixty branded bingo sites, such as Wink, Mirror and Foxy Bingo, and more are coming on stream all the time. It provides a truly international service with nearly 30 languages catered for. Their network of sites is operated by Cassava, an umbrella company who also take care of the payment side of things. (Cassava is likely to be the name you will find on your bank or credit statement when you make a deposit)

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What makes Dragonfish bingo sites such a success is that their well designed software satisfies both the site owners and its players. Owners get a good value, well designed website with a proven track record. Licensing, legal compliance and payment processing are all looked after, making these sites a safe, reliable and risk free choice from the site owner’s point of view. Even security is taken care of by a dedicated team of fraud protection analysts, who carefully monitor website activities to ensure nothing underhand takes place.

Meanwhile, players get an attractive, easy-to-follow, gremlin-free site where they can be actively playing as soon as the quick and easy registration process is completed. Graphics are always up to standard, their sites are easy to navigate and payment procedures simple to follow. Payment options can vary between sites but are generally extensive, including on-line banking, credit and debit cards. Most sites operate a minimum deposit of £5, which is affordable for even the most budget conscious player. All this means that you will be able to start playing with the minimum of delay or fuss.

You do not even need to download any additional software – you can begin playing immediately through your current browser of choice. You can even play bingo on your mobile, thanks to its new gaming app. And if you are feeling particularly sociable, moderated chat rooms are available so that you can discuss your tactics and winnings with fellow players.

Gaming options are extensive – their bingo sites offer 75 and 90 ball gaming options, while more experienced players can move on to such casino games as slot games, Roulette, Blackjack and even Video Poker.

It also often runs its own bespoke promotions, with all its varied sites usually participating. These run for a limited period only and may not be as exciting as those offered by their rivals. On the other hand, because it offers such a wide network and vast numbers of players, some really attractive bonuses and jackpots can be offered. But don’t hold your breath for the legendary £1million pound payout – we’re not aware of anyone actually having won this yet.

Dragonfish powered sites are easy to follow, because systems and layout style are generally similar across different platforms. Since they are so widespread and successful, it could be easy to think of them as the “Walker’s Crisps” of bingo – you can find them everywhere, they’re reliable and you know what you are going to get. But the prospect of blandness and sameness is overcome by the fact that owners can opt for a more comprehensive, customised service which enhances variety and can make some providers really stand out from the crowd, such as Robin Hood and Polo.

To sum up, these sites generally provide safe, entertaining platforms which both newcomers and experienced gamers can rely on.

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