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Ticket Premium

Ticket Premium is a pre-payment method which can be used to make deposits at many online casino sites. It is based in France, where it is very popular, but it can also be purchased by customers in many other countries, including Belgium, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Once bought, it can be used at any participating website based around the world. The currency used for Ticket Premium pre-payments is the Euro.
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The Ticket Premium service is operated by Ticket Surf International (TSI), which has its headquarters on the north bank of the Seine, just outside Paris, in France. The company was founded in 2003.

These pre-payments can be bought in different denominations dependent on the particular website you decide to use. In France, they can be bought over the counter in newsagents and convenience stores, much like Paysafecard in the United Kingdom. Outside France, they are available for anyone to purchase online. The minimum value is €10, but the maximum value can vary from €50 on some sites up to €250. You can of course, buy more than one if you wish to spend more.

The main advantage of using Ticket Premium to pay for your gaming online is that you do not have to give your personal financial details to the merchant or trader. This makes the source of the payment confidential, and minimises the risks of online fraud, unauthorised payments, data theft and identity fraud.

Once your payment for your chosen denomination of Ticket Premium is received and authorised, you will receive a code number, either by text or e-mail, depending on the site chosen and method preferred. You can then use this code to pay for services or deposit funds at participating websites. Tickets are valid for nine months from the date of purchase.

You do not have to spend the entire balance in one transaction. The remaining balance remains on the card to be used at a later date. However, they cannot be re-loaded. Once you have spent the entire balance, the e-code becomes invalid and you will need to purchase an entirely new code.

There are no sites in our directory accepting Ticket Premium.

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