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Eazipay is a clever, convenient, simple and inexpensive way for small and medium sized businesses to ensure reliable payments are received from its customers. Getting paid for goods and services delivered by small businesses is a consistent problem, which can cause severe cash flow problems and even affect the viability of a business. Late (or non-existent) payments can even cause companies to be forced into liquidation or bankruptcy. This is not only obviously bad for the business and its employees, it is bad for customers as well.
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This is a particular problem in businesses where payment is expected to be received on completion of the job. Building and plumbing for example, involves the trader or business with many upfront costs (for materials and labour for example) which have to be paid for in advance of the work being undertaken. Payment for the work may not occur for several months after the job has been completed.

Eazipay attempts to alleviate this problem by allowing the business to set up a direct debit payment between the customer and the business, ensuring regular payments and a more predictable cash flow. The trader sets up an account with Eazipay, which then takes care of the collection and processing of payments, for a small, flat rate fee. Payments are collected by direct debit and deposited in the secure and separate account which you have set up. Payments are forwarded automatically to the business’s own bank account shortly afterwards. The business also receives regularly updated statements detailing payments received, payments due ad perhaps most importantly, payments not received and therefore overdue.

Perhaps the most attractive part of the service is the flat rate fee. No matter how big or small the business, or the number or size of the payments, the same small flat rate charge applies to every transaction. This makes it easy to budget, as the business does not have to be concerned with calculating percentage charges and variable commissions. At the time of writing (2016), this fee was 40p per direct debit transaction.

Using Eazipay has advantages for the business and the customer. The business receives regular payments and clear statements which eases cash flow problems and makes budgeting and predicting trading problems far more easily. This is all achieved at little cost, and even these costs are stable and predictable. From the customer’s point of view too, there are several advantages. You know your payments are safe (unlike cash and cheques, which can be misplaced or go missing); you know when your payments will be made: you also get to pay in regular, smaller chunks, rather than have to fork out one big lump sum at the end. Finally, all your payments are outlined on your bank statement, with the trader’s name indicated clearly, so you know where you stand.

It is unlikely that many online bingo companies will accept Eazipay direct debit transactions, but some do. And if they do, you’ll find out about it by referring to our reliable site review service here at Busy Bee. In any case, Eazipay is certainly a name to look out for if you see it being offered as a method of payment online, or if a real world trader you hire or instruct uses it.

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Bingo On The Box is powered by Microgaming. If you Deposit £10.00 you get £30 Bonus with a 300% bonus. *Offer is subject to terms and conditions. 18+ Only. Please visit the site to read full t&c's. New Players Only. Read More

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