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Bizzy has been an incredibly busy bee and scoured the web for the newest and best bingo sites for 2015. The database of sites that busy has collected over time has remained hidden away until now and now he has the most extensive list of online bingo sites which shows the finest details about each site. We know that bingo players don't just look for a site based on the amount of free bingo on offer, there are many factors that will help you make a choice. Each site has details such as what payment option is accepted, what currencies does the site accept and which software does the site run on? All these factors can be very important before you make a deposit and purchase your bingo tickets. If you are a bingo novice then Busy Bee Bingo has guides on how to play and what to look out for. We want to make sure that if you do decide to play that you are given the best chance of winning and that your deposit goes further than it would if you had played on other bingo sites. If we ever find a site is not being honest with players we make sure that we let players know. We analyse site statistics daily and show which bingo sites are buzzing with activity!

You will find that Bizzy has been busy organising sites into different categories, "New bingo sites" is updated frequently so you can see the latest bingo sites. "Free Bingo" has loads of sites allowing you to either play in free bingo rooms or play with bingo bonus money. For those on a budget you might want to look at our bingo sites that allow you to deposit just £5!

Top 5 No Deposit bingo sites

Dino Bingo - Dino Bingo is powered by Dragonfish. Claim £10 FREE - No Deposit Required! If you Deposit £5.00 you get £13 Free with a 250% bonus. (read more)


Reem Bingo - Reem Bingo is powered by Cozy Games. Claim £5 FREE - No Deposit Required! If you Deposit £5.00 you get £25 Free with a 500% bonus. (read more)


Scrummy Bingo - Scrummy Bingo is powered by Cozy Games. Claim £15 FREE - No Deposit Required! If you Deposit £10.00 you get £50 Free with a 500% bonus. (read more)


Mira Bingo - Mira Bingo is powered by Cozy Games. Claim £15 FREE - No Deposit Required! If you Deposit £5.00 you get £20 Free with a 400% bonus. (read more)


Big Bucks Bingo - Big Bucks Bingo is powered by Cozy Games. Claim £15 FREE - No Deposit Required! If you Deposit £10.00 you get £50 Free with a 500% bonus. (read more)

Top 5 bingo bonus sites

Bingo Cams - Bingo Cams is powered by Microgaming, Proprietary Software. Claim £5 FREE - No Deposit Required! If you Deposit £10.00 you get £30 Free with a 300% bonus. (read more)


Millionaire - Millionaire is powered by Microgaming. If you Deposit £10.00 you get £10 Free with a 100% bonus. (read more)


Sun Bingo - Sun Bingo is powered by Gamesys. If you Deposit £10.00 you get £30 Free with a 300% bonus. (read more)


Brand New Bingo - Brand New Bingo is powered by Jumpman Gaming. If you Deposit £10.00 you get £20 Free with a 200% bonus. (read more)


Gala Bingo - Gala Bingo is powered by Virtue Fusion. If you Deposit £5.00 you get £25 Free with a 500% bonus. (read more)

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About The Busy Bee Bingo Directory

Currently in our directory there are 265 bingo sites and counting! Although we try to include every bingo site in our directory some sites are not listed due to the fact they are licensed in areas that are not currently white-listed by the UK Gambling Commission. Online bingo websites use a variety of different software which will offer different side-games and a different experience. In our directory the most common software used is Dragonfish which is used by 97 bingo sites, Electracade (83 bingo sites) and GlobalCom / Cassava (75 bingo sites).

What exactly is Bingo?

Bingo is a game played around the world and there are various different versions. 90 ball bingo is the most common in the UK where players buy bingo cards with a grid 9 squares by 3 (9x3). Every bingo card has 3 lines down and columns across. Each line has 5 numbers chosen at random. Numbers are then called by a bingo caller at random from a selection of 90 different balls and players must mark off each number they have on their bingo card. Jackpots and Prizes are rewarded depending on how many lines are marked off on the bingo card. A Prize is rewarded for one line, two lines and then a full house which is all numbers on the players card. Jackpots and Prizes increase depending on how many lines a player marks off with their Dauber (pronounced: door-ba, a fancy marker pen). In the US its more common to play 75 ball bingo on a 5x5 grid and the center square is marked 'free'. Other variations include 80 and 30 ball bingo. 30 ball bingo is also know as 'Speed Bingo' and is played on a 3x3 card. A player is required to mark off all the numbers on their grid before any prize is rewarded. 80 ball bingo is a cross between 75 and 90 played on a 4x4 grid and usually requires players to have marked off their numbers in a pattern, e.g 4 corners or horizontal and diagonal lines. All variations of bingo can offer extra prizes or jackpots for marking off numbers in a certain pattern.

What is different about playing Bingo online?

Online Bingo although based on the original game played in bingo halls is slightly different from playing the physical game. Bingo cards are marked off and sorted automatically without you having to keep up with the bingo caller! Rather than sitting at a table and chatting with other bingo players you are given an online chat facility. The advantages of bingo cards being marked automatically (known as auto-daub) is that less concentration is required on the game which actually means you get more of a chance to chat which makes the online game much more of a social game than many would think. Some online bingo sites have meet ups and there have even been weddings where players have found love online! The auto-daub function also allows players to play many of the different side-games such as Slots, Scratchcards and casino games such as Roulette and Video Poker. Playing bingo online also means that a variety of other games can be created and played that just wouldn't be possible in the traditional bingo hall. This gives you some idea as to why online bingo has become so popular.

No Deposit Bingo Sites & the free Bingo & bonus headache!

As a novice bingo player it can be quite confusing seeing offers such as: "£15 free - no deposit required" and "Grab a 300% bonus". When we conducted a survey on a group of people who had never played before, some made comments such as "how can you have more than 100%?!" and "How can a site be offering free money? Surely I could just sign up at all these sites then take the money and never come back!". When we explained how this worked a lot of the people felt that it would be confusing to lots of new players, we took this information on board when starting Busy Bee Bingo.

Sites offering free bingo no deposit required usually have withdrawal conditions and wagering requirements, also the free amount offered is usually dealt with under a different balance sometimes called a "bonus balance" with the other balance being called a "cash balance". Anything spent in your bonus balance usually doesn''t count towards your wagering requirements. Usually you won't be able to withdraw any winnings from wagers in your bonus balance and some form of cash deposit must be made before you can withdraw.

Deposit bonuses are usually shown as a percentage which range from 25% to 500%. Percent actually means per 100 (the cent part of the word meaning 100) You can calculate this easily by dividing the bonus by 100 and then multiplying it by the amount you wish to deposit. E.g sites offering a 500% bonus on a deposit of £5 would be (500 / 100) x 5. You can type this into Google to calculate if you are not sure. Unlike other sites Busy Bee Bingo is designed to show you an example deposit and the amount you would get free rather than having to calculate each bonus yourself.

Choosing the right Bingo room

Every bingo player should be looking for rooms selling cheap bingo tickets, high jackpots and a few players as possible. It is also important to check how many tickets a player can purchase. This will give you higher odds of winning. Although there are lots of sites out there that offer free bingo rooms, these rooms are usually full of people and each of those players is likely to have bought the maximum amount of bingo tickets (what with them being free and everything!) Usually in a free bingo room you can get around 12 tickets and we've seen rooms with around 500 people. 500 x 12 tickets is equal to...well..a lot! You probably have more chance of being run down by a herd of donkeys than winning the free jackpot! The free jackpots don't tend to be very high either and get shared between 3 players. We'll let you decide if you think this is something you wish to spend your time on.

The perfect Bingo site

When looking for a site there are some key criteria to follow.

  1. Quality software
  2. Integration of many different games from other software providers including slots, side games etc.
  3. Easy to navigate
  4. Good bonus structure
  5. Fair wagering requirements
  6. White-Listed by the UK Gambling Commission

The most important factor is the software, this determines what the sites are like to play on however often the bigger sites bring in third-party games which means you can play some of your favorite games from other sites. Most sites realise that this is very important to keep you playing and interested in what they have to offer.

Making a deposit and choosing a secure payment option.

Depositing real money on a bingo website for the first time can be quite daunting at first. You may have concerns over the site being related to gambling and handing over your bank details to a faceless company. Rest assured that we hand pick all the sites in our database so that you can be secure in the knowledge that you are dealing with a reputable company. We have already mentioned that is important to check that the site you are playing is whitelisted by the UK gambling commission but there are some other factors to look for which you can read about in our guide to making sure a bingo site is safe. If you really want to avoid handing over your card or bank details then we recommend using an e-wallet or voucher payment method for example PayPal, Neteller or Ukash.

White Listed Bingo Sites

It is important that when looking through our list of bingo sites that you check that it is in a white-listed jurisdiction. The white-list is supplied by the UK Gambling Commission and is a list of countries that are allowed to advertise and accept players based in the UK. To make sure the bingo sites you are playing on are legal, check the footer of the website. This will usually inform you where the website is licensed. If you cannot find this information in the footer this is usually a pretty good indication that the site is hiding something from you and it is our recommendation that you avoid playing there. The UK Gambling commission make sure that each country has a strict process that makes their games fair. Often bingo sites will use some for of RNG (random number generator) to make sure that their games give players a fair chance of winning. This is tested by separate impartial company to make sure that games are "random enough". If you find that a website is not in a country that is white-listed we strongly recommend you do not play there. Chances are games could be rigged and that if you do win the winnings cannot be withdrawn.